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Teenager suffers brain injuries in assault by other youths

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

The grandmother of an Ontario teenager is telling others the story of the traumatizing time her family is going through, hoping to create awareness. It involves the assault of her 14-year-old grandson in a brutal attack by two other youths. The teenager’s injuries are reported not to be life-threatening, but he is expected to suffer the consequences of serious brain injuries.

While a lot of attention, research, studies and advisories deal with protecting teens from suffering brain injuries in sports activities, the risks of assaults must not be ignored. This case is a perfect example of an apparently unprovoked attack that caused traumatic brain injuries. Reportedly, the boy was hospitalized with a fractured skull, concussion and a bleeding brain. Furthermore, the attack also left him with hearing loss.

Authorities say the teenager and his cousin were on their way to lunch on a recent Wednesday when another group of boys approached them. The group alleged that the two teens had made derogatory remarks. Video surveillance shows how one member of the group tackled the teen from behind and threw him to the ground. Authorities say the video then shows that boy jumping on the teen, punching him continually, while another youth repeatedly kicked him in the head.

Although the attackers were arrested and criminally charged, the family of the teen who now has to live with traumatic brain injuries may seek financial relief through the Ontario civil justice system. Fighting for financial relief in the court might seem daunting, but they may secure the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer. With the support and guidance of legal counsel, the court might award a monetary judgment that will cover their current and future medical expenses along with other financial losses. They might even be awarded compensation for emotional pain and suffering, and other non-economic damages.

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