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Catastrophic Brain Injuries Follow Baseball Bat Attack

by | Dec 17, 2018 | Brain Injuries |

While concussions in contact sports and head trauma in automobile accidents are frequent subjects of conversation in Ontario, the consequences of assaults can be devastating. A mother in another province recently explained how an assault that left her son with traumatic brain injuries affected their lives. Her 21-year-old son lives in a 24-hour care facility where she spends as much time as possible to be with him.

According to the mother, in June 2016 her son and some friends celebrated their graduation at a house party. While walking home after the party, he unintentionally wandered onto a property where the homeowner attacked him with a baseball bat. Multiple strikes to the head left the teen with catastrophic brain injuries, and after brain surgery, he remained in a coma for the following 10 months.

He woke up not remembering anything about the attack and was severely cognitively impaired. The young man is wheelchair bound and must use repetitive rhymes to communicate. The mother says she has lost her job due to the need to be with her son whenever possible.

The many financial and emotional ways in which such traumatic brain injuries change the lives of victims and their loved ones are indescribable. If such injuries were caused by the negligence or reckless acts of another party, there might be grounds to pursue a civil lawsuit to recover economic and noneconomic damages. Anyone in Ontario who is in such a position can discuss the viability of a legal claim with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can also provide the necessary assistance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.