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Brain injuries: Prompt medical care is key to injury management

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Ontario is a leader in Canada when it comes to concussions in youth sports — providing education and management guidance to help victims cope with the aftermath. The most significant myth about brain injuries to overcome is that a blow to the head causes a concussion, whereas some concussions are suffered without any impact to the head. Many concussions go untreated because people are unaware of the available rehabilitation programs.

Sometimes, concussions are not reported because the symptoms are not recognized. It is often called an invisible injury because to coaches, colleagues, friends and family, the injured person might seem fine. Symptoms and telltale signs of concussion could develop during the hours and days after the occurrence of the injury. Indications of possible brain injuries include cognitive, behavioural and physical changes.

Authorities say the critical part of concussion management is getting diagnosed and starting treatment as soon as possible. Prompt treatment plays a crucial role in successful outcomes. There are organizations in Ontario that endeavour to continue the quest to make effective concussion care accessible for youth athletes and all others who are dealing with concussions as well as those who face post-concussion challenges.

Along with the health consequences of brain injuries come the unanticipated financial impact. Medical treatment and therapy might be ongoing, and it might be impossible to return to work immediately. If another party’s negligence caused the injury, the victim might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the Ontario civil justice system, and experienced legal counsel can assist with the navigation of a personal injury lawsuit.