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Brain injuries: What to do if you suffered a concussion

by | Jan 14, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Concussions might happen easier than what many people in Ontario realize. Concussions are brain injuries that can occur even without a blow to the head. The violent shaking of the brain inside the skull in a car accident or on the sports field can leave victims suffering from this condition. This is not something to ignore, and although most concussions heal within a short time, proper diagnosis, treatment and monitoring are crucial.

Parents are advised to explain the symptoms of concussion to their children and encourage them to tell a parent, teacher or coach. Some children keep quiet about it for fear of losing their spots on the team, but repeated trauma to the brain can have long-term consequences. A visit to the emergency room or a consultation with a physician as soon as possible is vital.

The next step is to follow the recovery recommendations of the doctor. This might involve physical therapy, rest strategies and modification to work or school schedules. The concussion victim will then be advised to return to the physician for tests to determine the recovery progress and identify any remaining impairments that might require modified treatment programs.

If the negligence of other parties — a teacher, coach or careless driver — caused the brain injuries, financial relief could be pursued. An experienced brain injury lawyer can assess the circumstances of the incident that caused the injuries to determine the viability of a claim. A lawsuit can be filed in an Ontario civil court, and a successful presentation might lead to a monetary judgment to cover economic and noneconomic damages.