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Coping with brain injuries can be a significant challenge

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Concussions Ontario says the number of diagnosed concussions across the province in 2013 was 148,710. The group says concussions are the most frequently occurring traumatic brain injuries, and the symptoms can vary significantly. Some victims experience mostly cognitive symptoms that affect thinking and memory, while others struggle with balance, vertigo and other physical symptoms. Emotional issues are also common, and brain injury victims often suffer depression, irritability and anxiety.

A woman who suffered such an injury while working as an audience development officer at a theatre in Ontario says she is still trying to overcome the effects of the brain injuries. Two months ago, she was struck in the head by some theatre platforms, and although she remained conscious, she was later diagnosed with a severe concussion. Her symptoms cause sleeping problems, moodiness, irritability, anxiety and slow reaction time. She says she also has to deal with continuous ringing sounds in her ears, often preventing her from hearing other sounds.

The woman says she is still waiting to get an appointment with a medical specialist, and the concussion had a significant impact on her life. It prevented her return to work, and her stay at home has been taxing because she was unable to engage in any physical activity. In addition, she cannot listen to music, read, watch television or use her computer. She says she was only recently able to venture out on short walks.

Along with the physical and psychological trauma caused by brain injuries, victims also have to deal with the unanticipated financial consequences. Immediate and future medical expenses and the loss of income can cause severe damage to anyone’s financial stability. However, damages might be recoverable. An experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer can assess the circumstances that led to the injury. Legal counsel can determine the viability of a claim against negligent parties and then provide support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.