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Car accident caused life-changing brain injuries

by | Mar 12, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

An Ontario woman recently explained how her father is struggling to recover from a December car accident that claimed her mother’s life. The collision between her father’s SUV and a transport truck happened on Trans-Canada Highway, and it caused severe traumatic brain injuries. She says it is heartbreaking to see her once active father in such a weakened state.

His daughter says she rushed from Ontario to be with her father after she learned of her mother’s death. She arrived to find him with multiple injuries, breathing with the aid of machines. Although he was initially put in an induced coma to prevent him from moving, he remained comatose after the medication was stopped. Reportedly, his physicians suspected that brain trauma kept him in a coma.

This happened during the holidays, and the injured man underwent four major surgical procedures over that period. Afterward, he was left with a metal rod placed in his back, a leg brace and a cast on his fractured wrist. Furthermore, a tracheotomy was performed to assist his breathing. Now, several months later, her father can sit in a wheelchair for approximately one hour per day and visit with loved ones and friends for only five or ten minutes at a time.

Brain injuries can be life altering, and medical treatment, therapy and other treatment often continue for extended periods. If another party’s negligence caused the car accident that left a loved one with traumatic brain injuries, there might be grounds for a civil lawsuit to recover economic and noneconomic damages. The support and guidance of an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer are crucial for the navigation of legal proceedings to improve the chances of maximum monetary recovery.

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