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The challenges faced by school children with brain injuries

by | Mar 26, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Ontario parents of children who suffered concussions or other head injuries might be overwhelmed by the challenges they and their children face when it comes to the children’s return to school. The reason for this is that the effects of brain injuries on each child are unique, and some changes will be more evident and visible than others. Also, some may last longer than others, and it is even possible for changes to become apparent after months or years.

Knowing which changes are natural and part of the process of growing up and which are caused by brain injuries further adds to the uncertainty. Sometimes, the rapid physical recovery of a brain injured child appears miraculous, but the cognitive recovery may be slower. The child’s problems with thinking, concentrating and understanding might make learning tough, and behavioural issues can strain relationships with classmates and teachers.

Because traumatic brain injuries are so different in the way they affect children, educators who are equipped to deal with birth-related conditions, mental retardation and autism might have to learn how to deal with the unique challenges of a child with TBI. Due to this lack of experience, parents and school teachers might have to plan for the child’s return to school. Even though the physical recovery means that the medical crisis is over, mental rehabilitation might go on for years.

Caring for a child who suffered traumatic brain injuries is not only an emotional challenge but also a financial one. If another party’s negligence caused an accident that led to the child’s suffering, the parents might have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. With the support and guidance of an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer, monetary relief might be obtainable.