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The long road to recovery from traumatic brain injuries

by | Mar 19, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Four years ago, an Ontario mother received one of the most dreaded calls from the police. She learned that her 23-year-old son suffered catastrophic injuries when a transport truck struck him. No one expected him to survive, but his will to live and his mother’s loving care brought him to a stage where he wants to help other victims of acquired brain injuries to cope with their changed circumstances.

The young man shares his story to show others that there is always hope. During a surgical procedure upon his arrival at the hospital, doctors removed a portion of his skull to relieve pressure, and he spent the next month in an induced coma. During his four-month stay in the hospital, he spent 10 weeks in a rehabilitation program.

He was unable to walk and speak, and therapy helped him recover from severe memory loss. Eventually, his balance and coordination improved, and he can now stand and walk again without assistance. He also regained his speech through the rehabilitation program that assists TBI patients to achieve and maintain cognitive, physical, psychosocial and behavioural independence.

The circumstances of the accident that caused this young man’s brain injuries are not known, but negligent drivers leave thousands of victims with catastrophic injuries. Ongoing medical treatment and therapy do not come cheaply, and the sudden loss of income can exacerbate the suffering. Fortunately, the Ontario civil justice system allows victims of the negligence of others to recover financial and emotional damages, and an experienced personal injury lawyer can assist throughout the ensuing legal proceedings.