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Brain injuries could have severe financial consequences

by | Apr 2, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Some victims of car accidents in Ontario suffer injuries that change their lives in ways that most other people cannot even imagine. Traumatic brain injuries can turn a victim’s full, satisfying life, surrounded by friends and family, into a life ruled by doctors’ appointments and therapy sessions. Gradual withdrawal of friends is not unusual, only because they do not know how to deal with the stark changes.

One brain injury victim describes her life after an automobile crash that was caused by two reckless drivers who chose to tailgate and speed on the highway. The car in which she was a passenger was rear-ended by the other vehicles and pushed into another car. The whiplash motion of the woman’s head caused her brain to smash into the walls of her skull, and although there was no penetration, significant brain damage occurred.

The woman says she underwent various types of cognitive therapy and other treatments that provided no improvement in her condition. She likens this treatment to tea and cookies, having zero effect on TBI. The woman says she could never understand why repairing brain damage was left up to the victim’s body to repair, while fractured bones were not. After five years of no improvement, with despair and depression ultimately leading to post-traumatic stress disorder, she finally found a treatment that healed the neurons in her brain — similar to the way broken bones are treated.

Living with traumatic brain injuries is unimaginable, and having to deal with the financial consequences would naturally exacerbate the trauma. Medical expenses, lost income, emotional trauma, pain and suffering and other damages might be recoverable if another party’s negligence caused the injuries. The legalities might seem daunting, but an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer can advocate for the plaintiff throughout ensuing court proceedings.

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