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Brain injuries: Financial damages might be recoverable

by | May 7, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Many Ontario people think that only severe head trauma can have long-term consequences. The truth is that even moderate to severe brain injuries can affect the victim’s life. The fact that it is not a visible scar makes living with the consequences of TBI difficult. Even close friends and family can sometimes not understand the mental and physical challenges with which brain injury victims deal every day.

Tasks that were routine and not at all difficult before the incident that caused brain injuries typically become challenging. Victims may find that abilities and skills that were taken for granted were no longer as sharp as before. While dealing with these new challenges, the brain-injured person’s personal life might suffer. Some even avoid loved ones, colleagues and friends because the new cognitive problems impair memory and concentration, affecting their abilities to follow and participate in discussions and circumstances in which they are expected to communicate.

The cognitive challenges are difficult to disguise because it makes simple tasks complicated, like placing an order while at a restaurant or counting out the right amount of change when checking out at a grocery store. In some cases, brain injury victims become entirely dependent on those who care for them. Fortunately, treatment for TBI has advanced significantly, and ongoing therapy might ease the challenges.

For some victims of brain injuries, even with sophisticated treatments, the new normal will be significantly removed from what it was before. While coping with these challenges, dealing with mounting medical bills and lost income can exacerbate the trauma. In such cases, reaching out to an experienced personal injury lawyer might be a good idea if another party’s negligence caused the brain injuries because damages might be recoverable through the Ontario civil justice system.