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Children are more vulnerable to suffer brain injuries

by | May 28, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Parents in Toronto might not realize that children are most susceptible to suffer brain injuries that could affect them for the rest of their lives. The brain’s development starts soon after conception and continues throughout life. However, because of the ongoing development, the consequences of brain injuries suffered as a child might only become evident during the teenage years. When the brain is far enough developed, the effects of childhood injuries may become apparent.

Examples of such cases include a teenager who suffered a brain injury as a child who only becomes aware of problems with skills such as decision making or independence during adolescence. This is because those skills were not necessary sooner and their lack was therefore not evident. Frontal lobe injuries are not uncommon among young children, and the consequences depend on the location of damage in the brain.

The brains of adults are less susceptible to injuries because the heads of young children are heavy compared to the rest of their bodies, and that increases the risks of young children falling and striking their heads. Furthermore, the growth and thickness and fusing of an adult’s skull are complete, while those of toddlers are still thin and developing and less protective. Because nerve connections continue to develop as the child grows, injuries that disrupt these connections, or prevent them from happening, can have devastating consequences.

Toronto parents of preschoolers who suffered brain injuries at daycare or elsewhere under the supervision of a negligent adult might be unsure of their legal rights. It is not only the health consequences that will affect the lives of the child and his or her family members; injuries can cause victims’ families financial distress because of the costs for medical care, therapy, specialized care and structural changes to living quarters to accommodate any resulting disabilities. An experienced personal injury lawyer can explain the rights and advocate for the plaintiffs throughout the navigation of a civil lawsuit.

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