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Schoolchildren must be protected from suffering brain injuries

by | May 1, 2019 | Brain Injuries |

Parents in Ontario whose children play contact sports like hockey or football must never overlook the safety risks related to these activities. Although most parents know about the prevalence of concussions among athletes, many write it off as a bit of dizziness, confusion and headache that lasts for a short time. However, if the child is not treated promptly, the long-term health consequences of brain injuries can be severe.

According to a chiropractor who also focuses on concussions, this type of injury causes swelling of the brain. If the child suffers a second concussion while the brain is still in a swollen condition, second-impact syndrome occurs. This causes the brain to undergo dramatic swelling. It does not necessarily happen immediately — swelling of the brain can take days or weeks to develop after the second trauma event.

This doctor also says it is crucial for parents, coaches and other responsible parties to know the symptoms of concussions. The Ontario government passed Rowan’s Law last March to create awareness of sports-related concussions. Rowan was a student who suffered two concussions within one week while playing rugby at an Ottawa high school. She died after the second concussion, and the law was put in place to ensure that players are removed from sports fields even if there is only a suspected concussion.

This law enables parents of children who suffered repeat concussions while under the supervision of coaches, teachers or other adults the right to pursue financial relief. An experienced personal injury lawyer can provide advocacy throughout the legal proceedings of a civil lawsuit to recover financial and emotional damages. This might ease the financial burden of dealing with long-term physical and cognitive consequences of brain injuries.