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Acquired brain injuries and returning to work

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

Suffering a brain injury can be life-changing, regardless of the severity of the injury. While it is true that most people in Ontario with acquired brain injuries want to go back to work to get their lives more or less back to the way they were before their brain injuries, this is not always possible. Returning to work may also bring financial relief for a brain injury victim.

While the ABI victim’s own motivation is a crucial part of getting back to work, motivation might not be enough. In some cases, the area in which the brain was damaged may prevent the person’s return to the same position and occupation that he or she held before. Moreover, the damage caused to the brain could be severe enough to prevent working in the same industry.

Although returning to familiar surroundings could ease the process, the effects of brain injuries might require vocational training in an altogether different field. It is advisable for the brain-injured person to consult with his or her medical care providers to make sure he or she is ready to take such a step. A doctor can assess whether the rehabilitation period must continue to prepare the patient for resuming a career.

Along with lifestyle changes, an acquired brain injury can cause havoc to the victim’s financial stability. If another person’s negligence or recklessness caused the brain injuries, there might be grounds to file a civil lawsuit. An experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer can examine the circumstances of the incident that caused the injuries and assess the viability of such a claim. If a lawsuit is successfully presented, a monetary judgment could cover current and future financial and emotional damages.