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Brain injuries are common consequences of car accidents

by | Apr 8, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

Motor vehicle accidents in Ontario and other provinces have left many people with life-changing injuries. Many are the result of distracted driving. When someone combines driving with eating, talking and/or texting at the same time, cognitive impairment occurs. These kinds of distractions are typically due to the brain being bombarded with too much information to process at a particular moment. Sadly, the result is a serious accident, often causing brain injuries or other serious consequences for victims. 

Although many people boast that they are excellent at multitasking, that is not entirely true. Multitasking does not come naturally because humans are serial taskers. According to the Northern Brain Injury Association, research shows that the IQ of a person who has to juggle various tasks can drop up to 40%, and productivity could decrease by a similar percentage.

Furthermore, studies indicate that distracted drivers’ brains process only about 50% of what they see while driving. Visual impairment often accompanies cognitive distractions, which exacerbates the risks posed by distracted driving. Visual distractions occur whenever a driver’s eyes focus on anything other than the road ahead. This includes a quick glance at the screen of a mobile phone, setting a GPS device or reaching for something on the rear seat or the floor.

Sadly, distracted drivers often cause car accidents that cause more harm to others than to themselves. Victims are at risk of suffering brain injuries and/or other severe physical impairments. These are often life-changing circumstances that accident victims and their families are usually ill-equipped to afford. The Ontario civil justice system allows such victims to pursue claims for financial relief against the party or parties deemed negligent, and an experienced personal injury lawyer can help in the pursuit of justice.

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