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Brain injuries and rehabilitation are unique for each victim

by | May 4, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

When Ontario residents are involved in accidents that cause head trauma, they might need extensive rehabilitation, which could also be life-altering. Traumatic brain injuries are unique to each victim, and therefore, treatment is based upon the severity of the injury and area of the brain that was affected. The manner in which it affects the lives of each victim and his or her family members is also unique.

Some brain injuries only need rest and short-term treatment. However, other victims require long-term rehabilitation. This could include hospitalization, often in a specialized acute care facility. In some cases, people are discharged after brief hospital stays, with scheduled rehabilitation sessions to follow as outpatients. Those whose conditions allow travelling will go to the rehabilitation facility; otherwise, the rehabilitation provider will go to the patient.

Traumatic brain injuries almost always bring about significant changes to the lifestyles of the affected people. Extended periods of inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation could bring about lost income, added to the mountains of medical bills. TBI can cause both physical and cognitive problems with which victims and their loved ones must learn to cope.

If another person’s negligence caused the incident that led to traumatic brain injuries, the victim likely has grounds to pursue a claim for financial relief. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Ontario can navigate the complicated ensuing legal proceedings. Legal counsel can assist with the preparation of documented claims to present to the court. This list can include current and future monetary losses, along with pain and suffering and other emotional damages.