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$1.5 million grant will benefit all victims of brain injuries

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research authorized a $1.5 million grant for a team of pan-Canadian researchers. The goal is to support the establishment of the Canadian Brain Research Strategy Network that will prioritize the knowledge advancement of matters related to the brain. This grant will undoubtedly benefit all victims of brain injuries and those who develop brain diseases and neurological disorders in Ontario and other provinces in Canada.

The Canadian Brain Research Strategy Network will form part of the International Brain Initiative. This will involve thousands of international scientists who will establish an objective by which research and knowledge will be shared to optimize understanding of the ways in which the brain works. Furthermore, shared research will improve available treatments for brain-related diseases and injuries.

The aging of international populations, including Canadians, over the past 25 years, has led to neurological disorders being a significant cause of death. The focus of the Canadian participants in the international objective will be on the plasticity of the brain, and the ability to remember what is learned, and also its adaptability. Victims of brain injuries will also benefit from these studies and international research.

The financial impact of brain injuries can be astronomical, but when another party’s negligence caused them, the victim can pursue a claim for monetary relief. Having the support and guidance of an experienced Ontario personal injury lawyer is often crucial to a successful outcome. Skilled legal counsel can improve the client’s chances of recovering past and future financial and other losses. Along with medical expenses, making lifestyle changes and pain and suffering could form part of the documented claims.

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