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Brain injuries: June is Brain Injury Awareness month in Canada

by | Jun 9, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

The Brain Injury Association published the story of a man who suffered head trauma in a motorcycle accident 15 years ago. Reporting on the many changes in the life of this man underscores the impact brain injuries can have on a victim’s life. It also shows the medical advancements made since 2005 when this accident happened, and the difference prompt treatment could mean to accident victims in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada.

The man was a farmer whose whole life changed on that day when a car T-boned his motorcycle. The impact sent him flying, causing him to strike his head when he landed. After X-rays were taken, he spent some hours at the hospital but was discharged later that same day. However, he soon realized that something was wrong.

He became depressed and had to learn to live with a speech impairment caused by the brain injuries, and he developed post-traumatic stress disorder. He says he has trouble communicating because he has mind lapses and loses his train of thought. It took years for doctors to determine that he had suffered severe brain damage in the motorcycle accident. When similar accidents happen today, doctors are better equipped to determine the severity and nature of brain trauma and start treatment immediately.

Anyone in Ontario who suffers brain injuries in accidents caused by the negligence of someone else might be unsure of their legal rights to pursue financial relief to cover the substantial financial consequences of such injuries. The best person to consult with for support and guidance would be a lawyer who has experience in fighting for the rights of brain injury victims. A successfully presented claim could result in a monetary judgment to cover past and future financial and emotional losses resulting from the accident.