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How much do Canadians know about brain injuries?

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

As Brain Injury Awareness month comes to an end, the Brain Injury Association remains committed to its cause. The association assures victims of brain injuries in Ontario and across the country that they are not alone. They note that knowledge about traumatic brain injuries among healthy people might give them a better understanding of the health care problems faced by people with TBI. However, each victim is affected differently, depending on the area of the brain that was damaged.

BIA estimates that a Canadian suffers a brain injury every 3.5 minutes. The most frequent causes of acquired brain injuries include automobile accidents, bicycle accidents, falls, sports injuries, work-related injuries and assaults. Injuries and TBI-related impairments are often invisible to other people, and if friends, family, colleagues and others are unaware of the manners in which victims are affected, it can make life difficult for all.

TBI can cause coordination, balance and other movement problems, and in some cases, even partial or full paralysis. Furthermore, people with brain injuries could experience chronic pain, seizures, sleep problems and fatigue. Some injuries cause impaired taste, smell, hearing or vision, and even issues of speech and difficulty in finding the right words in both written and verbal language situations. Emotions, mood swings, depression, anger management and frustration are all possible consequences of brain injuries. Other new challenges could include difficulty in processing information, concentrate, focus, solve problems and remember.

Victims of brain injuries caused by the negligence of others typically have grounds to pursue claims for financial relief through the civil justice system of Ontario. Although money cannot make up for many of the problems caused by brain injuries, a monetary award can ease the financial burden. With the support and guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, compensation for current and future damages might be recovered.

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