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Why are brain injuries often not immediately diagnosed?

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

Victims of car accidents or other tragedies in Ontario who suffered head trauma might not have concerning symptoms immediately. However, concussions can occur even without puncture wounds. Many people do not know that undiagnosed concussions could have life-altering health consequences. Immediately after an incident that caused brain trauma, medical examinations will focus on possible brain injuries. However, symptoms of concussions could begin surfacing after days or even weeks, by which time, they may not be linked to an accident.

Also, concussions are not detectable on routine MRIs, CT scans or X-rays. Consider a person who suffered whiplash or a blow to the head who begins to experience headaches or the feeling of head pressure, blurred vision, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. If he or she goes to a doctor and fails to mention the head injury from weeks ago, the doctor may do these routine tests and without conducting any special tests that might indicate a concussion.

These mentioned symptoms are only a few of an endless list of other red flags that might appear later. Many of them cause cognitive changes, such as memory or concentration problems, and concussion victims may experience emotional changes, such a short temper, nervousness, anxiety, sadness and sleep problems. Accident victims are urged to go for a medical evaluation as soon as possible after the incident to ensure prompt diagnoses and treatment of concussions.

Another reason not to decline a medical examination is that delayed injuries might cause financial hardship. If there is a medical record from immediately after the injury, it might provide proof of medical expenses linked to the accident. Suppose another party’s negligence caused the incident. In that case, an experienced personal injury lawyer in Ontario can advocate for the victim of brain injuries in a civil lawsuit in pursuit of damage recovery.