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Children’s neck pillows pose risks of brain injuries

by | Sep 8, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

Health Canada reported that children who use a specific brand of neck pillow risk exposure to lead. According to health safety authorities, brain injuries are one of the consequences of lead exposure. A recall notice was issued for these U-shaped pillows manufactured in another country and sold in Ontario and other provinces.

Reportedly, the pillows were offered for sale from Sept. 2019 through May 2020. The lead exposure risk is caused by the zippers and their pulls, which contain lead levels that exceed allowable limits. The risk of lead poisoning exists even with low levels of exposure. Over time, lead levels in the children’s bodies can build up to dangerous levels.

Health Canada warns that the toxicity of lead is particularly dangerous for children. Ingesting lead could cause diarrhea, vomiting and anemia. Furthermore, the lead buildup could cause harm to the immune system, kidneys and liver. When it comes to the brain, serious injuries are possible, along with convulsions and coma. Consumers were advised to stop using the pillows immediately, contact the manufacturers and arrange to return the pillows for full refunds.

Brain injuries can cause life-altering harm to children exposed to lead. The parents of affected children might have grounds to pursue damage recovery for current and future financial losses. The best course of action might be to consult with an Ontario personal injury lawyer who could assess a product liability lawsuit’s viability. If such a claim is viable, the lawyer can assist with documenting the claims for adjudication by the court and all the ensuing legal proceedings.

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