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Brain injuries can be closed or open head injuries

by | Oct 7, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

Auto accidents, physical assaults, falls and sports-related accidents cause head injuries to thousands of people in Ontario and other provinces each year. The skull will prevent brain injuries in many cases, but brain damage can occur even without penetration. A hematoma refers to blood collecting or clotting in the brain, causing excessive pressure inside the skull. Loss of consciousness can follow, and it could lead to permanent damage to the brain.

A hemorrhage refers to uncontrolled bleeding, which can occur in between the brain and the walls of the skull, and this is termed subarachnoid hemorrhage. However, bleeding can also occur within the brain, which is known as intracerebral hemorrhage. The severity depends on how long the bleeding continues and whether the amount is enough to cause a pressure buildup. The danger exists because the skull is rigid and cannot expand to accommodate swelling of the brain. The swelling can cause pressure on the brain against the inside of the skull, which is called edema.

A concussion involves the brain smashing into the skull, damaging brain cells. Concussions become dangerous if they happen repeatedly. Because the skull is solid and without bone marrow, the severe impact injury it takes to fracture the skull typically also damages the brain. The most severe brain injury is called a diffuse axonal injury, which is not visible because there is no bleeding but brain cell damage. Death or permanent brain damage could result.

Victims of serious brain injuries typically face extended periods of recovery and therapy that might also affect their earning ability. Fortunately, the Ontario civil justice system allows victims of the negligence of others to pursue financial relief. A sensible step would be to seek the support and guidance of a lawyer with extensive experience in fighting for brain injury victims’ rights to comprehensive compensation for current and future financial losses and emotional damages.

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