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Getting over brain injuries could require long-term therapy

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

A report by the McGill University Health Centre about its Critical Illness Recovery Program underscores how head trauma can change a victim’s life. Victims of brain injuries in Ontario might be interested in a victim of such injuries in another province. A 54-year-old man landed in intensive care after taking a serious fall while riding his bicycle last July. He was in a coma from which he only awoke two weeks later, with no memory of what happened.

He learned that his brain injuries caused severe swelling, and surgeons had to remove a section of his skull to relieve the swelling in the skull’s limited space. He also learned that the road to recovery would be long and hard due to the severity of his injuries. The man explained the shock and trauma when he realized that he would remain in hospital and rehabilitation for an extended period.

At that time, he could not walk, go outside and do many other activities he was used to doing before his fall. After his discharge from the hospital, he went to the MUHC’s rehabilitation centre to participate in the Critical Illness Recovery Program. He remained in rehabilitation until September, and although he could walk again, he needed ongoing therapy to improve his speech, motor skills and stamina. The brain-injured man says the most challenging part of the ordeal was the psychological impact of realizing that getting back his life would take a long time.

Although it is unknown whether this man’s injuries involved the negligence of another party, it underscores the impact brain injuries can have. It creates a financial burden along with psychological trauma. Fortunately, the Ontario civil justice system provides a platform for victims of others’ negligence to pursue financial relief by filing personal injury lawsuits.

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