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Health care worker suffered brain injuries in assault

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Brain Injuries |

Health care workers in Ontario might be aware of a case in another province in which a hospital patient was convicted on charges of assault on two health care workers. A nurse manager and a licensed practical nurse were the victims of the assault, and they suffered life-changing injuries. One victim’s injuries included brain injuries.

According to court documents, the 69-year-old patient came into the nurse manager’s office and grabbed her by her hair, twisted her arm, and struck her face and temple. The other nurse responded to the sounds of the assault and the screams of her colleague. As she entered the office, she came upon the patient punching her colleague’s face, who was on her knees on the floor.

All of her attempts to get the patient off the nurse manager led to her wrist being twisted so severely that the injuries caused her a six-month absence from work. The nurse who was attacked in her office suffered severe injuries to her face, neck and arm, causing chronic pain. Brain trauma is also among the lasting effects of her injuries. She doubts whether she will ever return to her job as a nurse manager because her brain injuries have made it impossible for her to follow conversations.

Health care workers in Ontario often face similar risks, and although victims of work-related violence may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, those benefits might be insufficient. Brain injuries could lead to long-term therapy and rehabilitation, all of which are costly. With such assaults involving a third party, victims may have grounds to also pursue financial relief through the province’s civil justice system. Filing personal injury lawsuits might be the best way to seek additional monetary relief to cover long-term expenses and lost income.