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Car accident leaves 2 sisters with life-changing brain injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Brain Injuries |

Car accidents in Ontario and across the country happen when they are least expected, and they can change the lives of families in the blink of an eye. Car accidents are responsible for a significant percentage of brain injuries each year. Such an accident occurred in another province on Dec. 27 when a family of five exited the highway and stopped at a red traffic light. A catastrophic accident occurred when another vehicle smashed into their stationary car.

Reportedly, the driver of the other car was attempting to evade a law enforcement speed check when he struck them. No mention is made of injuries to the parents. However, their three children suffered serious injuries. Their teenage son suffered a fractured arm and several lacerations.

Sadly, their daughters, ages 9 and 11, suffered much more severe injuries than their brother. Both girls were hospitalized with severe brain injuries. They remained in an induced coma for two weeks. After the girls were woken up from the coma, their parents learned that the brain trauma left their daughters with impaired motor skills and also affected their ability to speak.

The family members are immigrants from another country, with no relatives in Canada. However, people who care about them started an online fundraiser to help them cope with the unexpected financial burden. Anyone in Ontario who has to deal with the consequences of brain injuries might have grounds to pursue financial relief through the civil justice system. They will have to prove negligence by another party, which might lead to a monetary judgment to cover documented current and future financial losses and emotional damages.