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Symptoms of brain injuries might be misunderstood

by | Jan 14, 2021 | Brain Injuries |

Sometimes, car accident injuries remain hidden for some time. Victims of brain injuries suffered nationwide, including Ontario, might misunderstand the symptoms, especially if there is no skull penetration. Any forceful blow to the body or head that shakes or jars the brain could cause cell damage or bruising of the brain or cause the brain tissue to tear or swell. The sooner doctors diagnose brain injuries, the sooner treatment can commence.

Traumatic brain injury symptoms could be mild or severe, and they can persist from hours to several months. Family members are sometimes the ones to notice changes in a loved one. Victims could struggle to think clearly and remember recent information. Vision problems, dizziness and headaches are also symptoms of TBI and so are feelings of sadness and nervousness. People with TBI might experience changes to their sleep patterns, and they could be easily angered.

Rest could help people with mild brain injuries to recover sooner. However, more severe or repeated brain trauma could cause long-term learning, speaking and movement problems. During medical examinations, the physician will evaluate the patient’s cognitive ability to concentrate, solve problems, learn and remember. Physical checks will include reflexes, balance, strength, sensation and coordination.

As a part of the evaluation, doctors might order imaging tests to determine bleeding or bruising on the brain. The expenses related to medical examinations, tests, treatment and therapy could cause financial hardship in the long term. However, if someone else’s negligence caused brain injuries, the victim might have grounds to pursue relief through Ontario’s civil justice system. A personal injury lawsuit might lead to a monetary judgment to cover current and long-term emotional and financial damages.

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