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With summer comes trampoline fun and potential brain injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2021 | Brain Injuries |

Every summer, many children in Ontario and across Canada are rushed to emergency rooms after suffering trampoline-related injuries. The injury prevention centre of a university in another province would like to see trampolines banned for use other than gymnastics.

Trampolines pose significant risks for brain injuries and other severe health consequences. The centre’s associate director says people buy trampolines for their backyards to encourage kids to play outside. While physical activity is essential, constant adult supervision is required. However, many of these kinds of injuries occur when adults aren’t even watching.

Health Canada, the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, and the Canadian Paediatric Society agree that trampolines should not be used for recreational activities for children of all ages.

Essential safety precautions

Typical injuries include concussions and fractures, both with potentially severe long-term health consequences. The associate director said parents should ensure that the frame, hooks and springs of trampolines are encased in shock-absorbing pads. These pads should also be a contrasting colour to ensure children are aware of the difference.

The following safety tips are essential for families who insist on having backyard trampolines:

  • Jumping children on the trampoline should always be under close parental supervision.
  • There must be at least four adult spotters.
  • No more than one child at a time should be allowed to jump.
  • Children should not try tricks like somersaults that could cause serious neck and head trauma.
  • Parents should frequently examine the trampoline for wear and damage.
  • Damaged protective padding must be replaced.

If your child suffers a serious injury such as a brain injury by jumping on a trampoline while visiting friends, you may have grounds to file a personal injury or premises liability lawsuit against the trampoline owner. If you can establish negligence, the court might award you a monetary judgment to cover medical and other monetary damages brought about by the injuries.