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Consumer warning after treadmill causes brain injuries

On Behalf of | May 3, 2021 | Brain Injuries |

Owners of Peloton treadmills in Ontario might be concerned about the safety of their children and even pets. This follows reports about a consumer warning by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Although the Tread+ is not the model sold in Canada, similar safety hazards might be present. At least one injury on the public database involved a child suffering severe brain injuries in February. 

Peloton Interactive Inc. marketed another newer model, called Peloton Tread, in Canada. The cases discussed here do not involve this model. The warning for all Tread+ owners to stop using it followed a report of a child’s death after suffering severe injuries in a March incident. Peloton Interactive Inc., the company marketing the treadmills, refused to announce a recall, claiming the warning issued was inaccurate and based on misinformation. 

Injuries reported so far

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported investigating 39 incidents in which small children, and even a pet, were pulled in by the rollers beneath the Tread+ model of machines. Reports indicate dozens of cases that caused broken limbs and other injuries. 

In the February incident, a man came upon his 3-year-old son trapped beneath the treadmill. Although he survived, his father found him with no pulse, and he had stopped breathing. Reportedly, the child suffered significant brain injuries. 

Few details were published about the tragic March incident that claimed a child’s life. Authorities had to take unusual steps to issue an administrative subpoena after the Peloton makers refused to provide details necessary for an investigation. 

Parents in Ontario whose children suffered brain injuries or other harm caused by dangerous products might have grounds to pursue financial relief. Navigating a product liability lawsuit in a civil court could be complicated. However, the successful presentation of such a claim could result in a monetary judgment to cover financial and emotional damages.