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Young drivers need experience and time to gain skills

On Behalf of | May 13, 2021 | Car Accidents |

There are few times more exciting in the life of a teenager than the day they receive their driver’s license. Unfortunately, many teenagers often overlook the fact that their cars could be seen as deadly weapons and that they will need to gain the necessary experience to safely navigate the roadways. Understandably, newly licensed drivers face increased risks of being involved in a crash.

Crash risks of young drivers

Car accidents are the primary cause of injury and death in young people up to age 24. Researchers note that:

  • Young drivers are at the highest risk during the first six months after receiving their driver’s licenses.
  • Their chance of being involved in car accidents is two to three times higher than experienced drivers.
  • Their risk of involvement in fatal accidents is eight times higher than drivers who are more experienced.

Factors that affect safe driving abilities

Just because a new driver may know how to operate their vehicle does not automatically make them a safe driver. A crucial ability that new drivers need to develop is recognizing hazards – and reacting quickly and appropriately to unexpected circumstances. Although young drivers likely learned traffic rules when studying for their driver’s licenses, the actual dangers happen while driving.

Understanding the traffic rules is essential component of becoming a good driver. However, passing a test and obtaining a license do not equip you to navigate safely through unexpected situations. This is only gained through experience – which takes time. The more you practice driving in different road and weather conditions, the better your judgment and decision-making abilities abilities on the road will become. This, in turn, can help you become a more skillful driver – and reduce your risk of an accident behind the wheel.

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