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Living with the consequences of a punch in the face

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Brain Injuries |

Head trauma is often associated with car accidents. However, the family of an Ontario man who suffered traumatic brain injuries in an assault says he was robbed of his future. The person who caused his injuries is awaiting sentencing in a criminal case. But, regardless of his punishment, his victim may suffer long-term physical, emotional and financial consequences of his injuries. 

Circumstances leading to the assault

Both in their early 20s, two men who knew each other were arguing on the street. After a heated exchange, one man walked away. However, the other man yelled something at him, and he turned back. He walked up to the other man and punched him in the face. The assault victim fell, striking his head against the curb. 

He declined an offer of help and managed to get up and walk away. However, he realized something was wrong and went to a medical facility later that evening. Nobody at the hospital recognized symptoms that the young man had bleeding in the brain, which led to a massive stroke soon after he was released from the hospital. 

The victim’s life after the punch in the face

Since Canada Day 2019, when the assault happened, the victim, who is 24 years old now, remains in a rehabilitation centre. His father says full recovery is not likely. After four major surgeries, he is still unable to walk, talk and chew. Furthermore, he can no longer see and has lost the ability to use his hands. He has to relearn all the most basic functions necessary to live independently. 

Victims of brain injuries caused by assaults are typically entitled to seek financial relief through the civil justice system. A successful personal injury lawsuit could lead to a monetary judgment to cover the documented claims. In a case such as this one, documented claims could include past and future costs related to medical treatment as well as any other damages related to disability, loss of income and loss of quality of life.