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Negligent drivers can turn Halloween fun into tragedy in seconds

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

Candy, costumes and the freedom to roam the Toronto streets and go trick or treating makes Halloween an exciting event for Ontario children. However, parents have reason to be concerned about the safety of their children. Parents must anticipate inconsiderate and negligent drivers and do what they can to ensure the safety of their children. 

Precautions parents and guardians can take

Candy, costumes and masks are enough to distract young children, and parents can take the following precautions to avoid tragedy: 

  • Make the task of teaching children pedestrian safety throughout the year instead of just before Halloween. 
  • Avoid sending children out on their own if they do not yet have the skills to cross streets without adult supervision. 
  • Ensure the presence of older, responsible siblings or adults to accompany children. 
  • Stopping at the curb and looking left, right and left again should be like second nature for children before going without supervision. 
  • Listening for approaching vehicles or other dangerous noises is crucial. 
  • Make sure children are visible, even if it requires adding reflective tape to a dark costume. 
  • Face paint might be safer than masks, which can restrict a child’s peripheral vision. 
  • Avoid streets without sidewalks if trick-or-treating after dark. 

Precautions drivers can take on Halloween 

Even the most conscientious drivers need to be extra cautious on Halloween, anticipating increased child pedestrians. It is essential for drivers to drive slowly and without distractions because children can dart out from parked vehicles in the blink of an eye. Particular care is required when driving on streets without curbs. 

Unfortunately, car accidents causing injuries to trick-or-treaters happen each year. If parents can establish negligence on the driver’s part, they might have a viable personal injury claim to file in an Ontario civil court. A successfully presented claim might lead to a monetary judgment against the driver and financial relief to cover medical and other expenses related to the child’s injuries. 

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