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Helping Families Through Estate Litigation

Estate litigation is hard to deal with on your own. At Klaiman Edmonds LLP, we understand the toll this takes on a family. We recognize and understand the need to ensure that the monetary issues and family dynamics are fully considered when resolving estate matters in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

Our lawyers have more than 30 years of litigation experience. We will help you navigate through the estate process, explaining your options and what to consider in each situation before a decision is made. Every case is unique and relevant factors must be considered to determine the best strategy in your case.

Reasons For Estate Disputes And Litigation

We have extensive experience representing individuals whose interests may be affected in estate matters. We encourage early resolution of these disputes, but also recognize that litigation is inevitable in some cases. If the litigation process is invoked, we will effectively and efficiently advocate for your best interests.

We frequently advise clients in disputes involving:

  • Challenges to the validity of a will
  • Removal or appointment of an executor or power of attorney
  • Appointment of a committee on behalf of an incapable person

These issues can be complicated and stressful for your family. We will provide ethical advice and effective counsel to help you understand and explore your legal options.

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