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An Advocate On Your Side

At Klaiman Edmonds LLP, we advocate for victims of negligence. Our lawyers have been protecting victims in Toronto and throughout Ontario for more than 30 years.

Addressing The Impact On Your Life

We know that life may not be the same after an accident. We understand the physical and psychological impact that an accident can have on the lives of you and your family. Our goal is to help you as you cope with your injuries and adapt to your new life. We will help you through the process of claiming and recovering benefits and suing negligent parties as it applies to your specific situation.

Injuries Affect Each Person In A Different Way

Lawyer Diana Edmonds has a deep understanding of how injuries affect women’s and men’s lives differently. Her knowledge of what her clients go through on a daily basis and her ability to advocate for their best interests help her find resolutions that fit her clients’ unique needs.

Not many people understand the psychological impact that follows an accident. We know how injuries can affect your entire life, and we will work with qualified professionals to make sure you are properly evaluated and that you receive the care and attention you need.

Helping Victims Injured By All Types Of Negligence

Our firm has practised personal injury law for more than 30 years in Toronto, and we represent clients throughout Ontario in a variety of cases involving:

Our lawyers value personal contact with our clients. This level of attention helps us develop a better understanding of our clients’ unique needs. In addition to personal attention and direct communication, we will provide a thorough review of the process and available options to find the best strategy to pursue your personal injury claim.

Why hire lawyers with extensive litigation experience? Not every case will end up in litigation. However, having advocates who are fully prepared to take your case to trial helps during negotiations and keeps your case moving along.

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