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Strong Advocates For Car Accident Victims

Klaiman Edmonds LLP is here to help you after an accident. For those injured in car accidents and their families, our lawyers help them understand their rights and guide them through the process of filing a claim. We have been helping clients in Toronto and the GTA for more than 30 years and have a reputation for providing personal attention and strong advocacy.

A Thorough Review Of Your Claim Is Necessary

Insurance act requirements in Ontario require that specific criteria be met to pursue a claim. Our lawyers will meet with you, evaluate the factors of your accident and review your options for filing a claim.

Every case is unique and must be properly evaluated. Call us to schedule a consultation to start discussing your claim.

We understand that suffering an injury in a motor vehicle accident can have a devastating impact on the lives of our clients and their loved ones. We will be your advocates through the entire court process to ensure that your case is fully and fairly presented.

Helping You Cope With Your Injuries While Working To Find A Resolution

Lawyer Diana Edmonds is dedicated to helping victims of car accidents cope with their injuries and find resolutions in their cases. The impact of an accident can last for years, even the rest of your life. We understand the physical, psychological and emotional impact of an accident.

Our goal is to find a resolution to help you cope with your injuries and move forward with your life. The medical care you receive is vital to your recovery. That is why we will work with qualified professionals to help you get the care and attention you need after a car crash.

What Happens During Our Consultation?

When you meet with us, we will review all available options. We will recommend when and if it is appropriate to attempt private mediation to resolve your claim. If going to trial is in your best interest, we will represent you to the best of our abilities, using our extensive skill and experience in this area. We will use demonstrative evidence and other current trial techniques to present your case in the clearest and most persuasive way possible.

As your advocate, we will advise you throughout the process and will attempt negotiation where it is both appropriate and in your best interests.

Let Us Help You After A Car Crash

Our firm is committed to helping you move forward with your life. Send us an email or call our firm at 416-907-4726 to schedule a consultation. Our lawyers speak English and French.