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Long-Term Disability Benefit Claims

Injuries can lead to long-term disabilities. What are your options if you can no longer work after an accident? At Klaiman Edmonds LLP, our lawyers will help you answer this question.

We have more than 30 years of experience helping victims with serious injuries understand their rights and explore their legal options. We have a clear understanding of the medical terminology used in long-term disability claims, and we know what steps to take to help you cope with your injuries.

We Take Your Injuries Seriously

Injuries can have a lifelong impact and make it difficult to continue working as well as complete daily activities. Long-term disability benefits may be available for your injuries after a car accident, slip-and-fall or any other type of accident. Injuries can include:

Are You At Risk For Losing Your Benefits?

You will lose your benefits if the insurance company determines you are no longer eligible. How does this happen? The definition of disability must be met to receive benefits from your insurer. If it is determined that you do not satisfy the definition of disability, your benefits will end within six months of being notified by the insurer.

Do not wait to contact us if you have been notified by your insurer that your benefits are ending. You have a limited amount of time to file a claim to reinstate your benefits or find an alternative outcome.

We understand how disability claims are handled. We will help you gather the medical evidence required in an effort to prove you meet the disability definition. These are complex cases that require an in-depth knowledge of the process and how disability criteria are met. Our lawyers know what it takes to handle these cases. We will become your strongest advocate and work hard to find the best possible outcome.

Providing Legal Counsel For Disability Claims

Legal advice is necessary to determine when your limitation period in your case will expire. We will review the terms of your policy and information from your provider to determine what steps to take in your claim. We take these cases on a contingency basis. Schedule a consultation with our lawyers by filling out our contact form or call us at 416-907-4726.

Our office is in downtown Toronto. In addition to meeting with you personally, we will frequently communicate with you over the phone or through email about the status of your case.

We speak English and French.